[358] 13 Ideas for engaging social media posts (for when you're all out of ideas)

Do you ever have those days when you’re all out of ideas for social media posts?  Or maybe you’re just tired of posting the same old stuff and looking for some fresh ideas to brighten up your social media feeds.  If this sounds familiar, you'll love this podcast episode. In it I share 13 ideas... READ MORE

[355] How to create and launch your own planner

Do you love the idea of publishing your own journal/planner…but feel unsure where to start?   If this sounds familiar, you’ll love this podcast episode on how to create and launch your own planner.  In it, I share everything I’ve learned from creating my own industry planner (the Media Diary), which is now in its fourth... READ MORE

Stuck for content ideas? Read these 12 things...

My recent podcast launch has meant doubling my content output, prompting the inevitable question: what if I run out of ideas?  It hasn't happened yet - but just in case it does - this week's round-up post is all about generating content ideas. So here goes... Three clever things to do with old blog posts from... READ MORE

How to write ridiculously useful web copy

Are you completely focused on reading this article? Perhaps you’re watching television or flicking between this post and your inbox. Maybe you’re in a meeting. Even if you’re 100 percent focused right now, I bet you’ve multi-tasked today: checking Facebook over breakfast, reading emails during a meeting or watching television while you shop online. So you... READ MORE

How to write exciting copy about boring things

A couple of years ago, I was asked to write a collection of research stories for a university’s 25th anniversary publication. The money was good, the deadlines manageable, but I hesitated about accepting. Why? Because some of the research topics appealed to me: cyberstalking, why women cry at work and how Antarctic explorers develop resilience,... READ MORE

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