Create client generating content in

Does any of this sound familiar?

So many business owners feel like this and here's why....

No one starts a business knowing how to create engaging social media content. 

It takes time. 

And practice. 

If it was easy, everyone would have massive social media followings and no one would need to hire social media managers, marketing firms or Facebook ad strategists, right?

It also takes courage.

Being ‘visible’ online doesn’t feel comfortable at first  – especially for naturally introverted or shy personalities. 

It can make some business owners feel quite ‘naked’ and exposed. 

Add that to feeling confused/unsure about what to post, when and were…and it can feel very uncomfortable indeed.

Overwhelming even. 

Here’s what's included

Five short video tutorials

(also available as a private podcast)

A 4000 word workbook

Packed with examples and ideas

Easy-to-follow templates

for five types of social media post (including video)

Dedicated Facebook community

for support and advice

Why most content templates don’t work
(and why the Courageous Content course does)

As a busy business owner, it’s tempting to invest content templates: pre-written social media posts and graphics to save time. 

The problem is they don’t work.

Because it means putting out the SAME CONTENT as thousands of other business owners. 

Content that is not created for a specific product/service. 
Or with an ideal client/customer in mind. 


Here’s how the the Courageous Content course is different

The Courageous Content courses teaches you to create five styles of social media posts (text and video). Posts that have been tried and tested – by thousands of business owners – to guarantee engagement. 

The templates in the Courageous Content course provide a framework to follow – one that sets out EXACTLY what to include in your social media post –  section by section (including a suggested word count and/or number of seconds for video). 

But allows you to add that personal voice. Because THAT’S the part that will lead to sales.

So just to recap, here’s what’s included:

Which means no more wondering what to post OR what to include in your post.

Buy the course today for just £39 (headline price £97)

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Why take this course


Learn what kind of content attracts clients/customers (and what doesn't). Get easy-to-follow templates for five tried and tested styles of social media posts.
No more struggling to think of ideas.


Create a week's worth of social media posts in no time with easy-to-follow templates that set out what to include in each section of a social media post (inc. a suggested number of words/number of seconds for video).


Join the dedicated Facebook community for help and advice. Connect with other business owners who are learning how to create engaging social media content.

What's include in the course

  • Five short video tutorials (also available as a private podcast) 
  • A 4000 word workbook packed with examples and ideas
  • Easy-to-follow templates for five types of social media post (including video)
  • Dedicated Facebook community for support and advice

Here's what people say .....

About the creator of the courageous content course

Janet Murray is one of the UK’s leading content marketing experts and specialises in audience growth. 

Over the past five years Janet has grown a large engaged online audience. All of which has allowed her to generate income almost exclusively from digital products e.g. online courses and membership programmes. 

She is the creator of the Social Media Diary & Planner, the 2021 Sorted Club (which support diary owners with their content planning/creation) and the Build Your Online Audience programme – the only online programme exclusively dedicated to audience growth. 

Janet is also a podcaster, author and speaker, who has spoken all over the world about content marketing and audience growth.