[323] Creative Instagram marketing strategies with Bronte Huskinson

crceative instagram marketing strategies with bronte huskinson

Bronte Huskinson, an author, self-taught photographer and content creator has over 54k followers on her Instagram account which has now become her main source of income.

Find out how you can grow your audience on Instagram whether you’re a service or product based business, plus get tips on how to use influencers to market your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Bronte’s business story (2:25)
  • How to make money through content creation on Instagram(5:14)
  • How to grow your audience on Instagram (7:42)
  • How to grow your audience on Instagram (even if you’re not good at photography) (11:31)
  • Why using Instagram stories is vital in growing your Instagram and building that connection with your audience (13:40)
  • How negative press coverage helped Bronte grow her account (18:20)
  • How to use hashtags (23:32)
  • How comment pods can help your engagement (plus help you make new business friends!) (26:05)
  • How to promote a product based business on Instagram (32:35)
  • How to promote a service based business on Instagram (34:52)


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