[257] Do you need to pay to play?

If you have big business goals, investing in attending events, training or coaching with key influencers in your industry, can help you get there faster.

But what if you don’t have the budget to ‘pay to play’? Is it possible to achieve your business ambitions without significant financial investment? And is it right to ‘buy’ opportunities to get closer to the people who can help you achieve your goals?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this controversial episode:

  • What ‘pay to play’ means to me (5:35)
  • Why ‘pay to play’ doesn’t always involve spending money (6:15)
  • How attending live events gets you noticed (8:06)
  • How I feel when people say ‘I can’t afford it’ (11:30)
  • Why ‘pay to play’ also means investing your time and energy in learning and networking (15:20)
  • My own ‘pay to play’ journey and what you can learn from it (17:05)
  • Why ‘pay to play’ isn’t about buying your way in, but about creating opportunities which you then have to deliver on (29:43)
  • How it benefits you to spend time with people who are further along in their business than you (31:35)
  • How much I’ve invested in attending events and training (36:35)
  • Why it’s all about giving and not just taking (39:02)
  • What you can do if you can’t afford to ‘pay to play’ (41:40)


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