Eight common concerns about joining the Build Your Online Audience Programme

Buying an online programme and joining a membership community is a big decision. Not only is there the cost of the training to consider, you’ll also need to set aside time for learning, which might mean taking time away from your business.

It’s natural to worry about whether you’re making the right decision in taking on this kind of commitment (and the consequences of making the wrong choice).

With that in mind, here are some of the most common concerns prospective members raise about joining the Build Your Online Audience programme.

If you’re not familiar with the Build Your Online Audience programme it’s an online course and membership community for business owners who want to build their online audience so that they can generate more leads and sales. Members join for a variety of reasons, but if you feel like you’re not making enough money in your business – because you don’t have time to promote your products/services – and feel overwhelmed by all the marketing strategies out there – you’re probably a good fit for the programme and membership. 

Joining the membership will help you build your online audience so you’re attracting leads and sales every single day – rather than constantly worrying about where your next customer/client is coming from. It will also help you get over your fears around being too pushy/selly when you’re promoting your products/services.

The programme is suitable for both product and service based businesses and you can read more about it here. 

Concern 1: ‘I don’t have time’

Some small business owners tell me they are so busy they don’t have time to promote their business (or learn how to promote it more effectively).

My advice

It’s great to be busy, but if you’re firefighting at the expense of promoting your business, in a few months time, you may find you’re short on customers/clients. Are you really so busy that you can’t spare a few hours a week to invest in the long-term health of your business?

The Build Your Online Audience programme isn’t about quick fixes. It takes least a year to build an online audience that will generate a constant stream of leads and sales for your business. So there is no need to rush; it’s far better to implement one new strategy at a time – and do it well – than try to do everything at once.

One of the most important things you’ll learn in the Build Your Online Audience programme is how to create a marketing system that works for your business, so you’re promoting your business every single day – without being online 24/7.

Concern 2: ‘I can’t afford it.’

Some prospective members tell me they love the idea of the membership – and would join if they could – but they can’t afford it.

My advice

If you’re not making much money – or are in the very early stages of your business – I can see why 1-2-1 coaching might be off the agenda.

But at the current annual rate, joining the programme works out at around £0.66 a day. So, if you really want to invest in your business – and get access to a ton of resources that will help you generate more leads and sales in your business (including personalised help from me) I believe you’ve got what it takes to raise the cash.

If you’re reading this post, you’re clearly an entrepreneurial sort. The first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Instead of saying ‘I can’t afford it’ ask yourself ‘‘what could I do to make it affordable?’ This blog on how to raise funds to join the Build Your Online Audience programme should help. 

Concern 3: ‘It’s too early’

Some prospective members tell me they love the idea of the programme – and are keen to get support with promoting their business – but want to wait until their business is more established, their website looks better and/or they’re ready to launch a new product/service.

My advice

If now’s not the right time to promote your business, when will be…?

Unless you don’t need to make sales (in which case, why exactly are you in business?!), it’s never too early to start promoting. It can take months – or even years – to build an audience online. Hold off on promoting your business until you’re ready to launch your product or service / your website looks better / you feel more confident… and a few months down the line, you may not have a business.

Concern 4: ‘I run a product-based business’

Some business owners tell me that they don’t feel the Build Your Online Audience programme is relevant to them because they run a product-based business.

My advice

Whether you run a product or service-based business there are three things you need to be doing consistently if you want to generate leads and sales for your business: publishing content on your website, growing your email list and sharing relevant content on at least two or three social media channels. The membership is made up of business owners from both service and product-based businesses (jewellery, skincare products, laundry bags, camera bags and accessories to name but a few). The learning materials, online classes and live calls are relevant for both types of businesses.

Concern 5: ‘I’ll get too many leads/sales’

A common concern I hear from business owners is that if they promote their business too much they’ll get too many leads/sales – they’ll be inundated with orders or client enquiries they can’t fulfil.

My advice

I’d love to tell you that you’ll be inundated with orders/enquiries/new clients after a few weeks of building your online audience…but this is very unlikely to happen. It takes, on average, around seven or eight touchpoints before a prospective customer buys. Which means it can take months – or even years – of consistent, daily action to convert prospects into sales. Yes there are always exceptions. But if you happen to be in the minority of businesses that strikes lucky from handful of tweets or a single LinkedIn post, that’s a good problem to have, right? You’re resourceful enough to find a solution.

Concern 6: ‘I’m not ready to be the face of my business’

Some business owners tell me they want to promote their product or service – but they don’t want to be ‘visible’ on social media.

My advice

Here’s some tough love: people want to do business with people. So unless you’re prepared to step out from behind your logo, you’ll struggle to build trust with prospective customers – and trust is a key part of the buying process. This is not to say you need to spill your darkest secrets, be online 24/7 or have your face plastered over every social media platform, but you do need to share a little of yourself.

One of the most important things you’ll learn in the Build Your Online Audience programme is how to build your personal brand in a way – and at a pace – that feels comfortable for you.

Concern 7:  ‘I won’t have time to implement what I learn’

Some prospective members tell me they are afraid they won’t have time to put into practice what they learn in the membership.

My advice

Taking some time out of your normal routine to learn new strategies can feel like a challenge – particularly when you feel like you’re doing everything in your business.

The key is to put learning on your calendar- by blocking out a few hours (ideally at the same time each week) to focus on your learning, for example.

If you think you can’t dedicate the time to learning how to attract new customers/clients, ask yourself this: ‘Will I be happy if my income is the same this time next year?’

If the answer is ‘no’ you need to make time for learning.

Concern 8: ‘It won’t work for me’

Some prospective members say they love the idea of the programme, but feel it won’t work for them because they are too early on in their business/run a product-based business/are a local business/are too niche/are based abroad (the list goes on and on).

My advice:

I can’t give you guarantees.  What I can tell you is that I’ve trained hundreds of people in building their audience – and it works (for both product and service-based businesses).  The key thing is that this is a partnership. I can share all my best ideas, tips and strategies but if you’re not willing to put in the work to make it happen, you won’t get the results you desire. But if you’re willing to do the work and make audience building a priority, you will get results.

Like the idea of being part of a like-minded community, spending some time focusing on learning to effectively promote your business and bringing in new leads and clients/customers? Why not join us in the Build Your Online Audience programme.