Need to get your services online - quick?

If you deliver in-person consultancy, training or coaching in your business you will almost certainly have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Perhaps you’ve had client meetings cancelled. Or maybe you’ve had workshops / consultancy gigs postponed or put on hold. It could be that you’ve had to cancel live events / workshops of your own. All of which is likely to have an impact on the bottom line of your business.

Health always comes first of course. But with little sign of the crisis abating, it’s sensible to consider how you might offer online alternatives to your offline services.

The good news is there are so many digital resources out there to help you deliver your in-person services online (even if you’re not a techie sort). But if you haven’t delivered your services online before, it can feel overwhelming. 

That’s why I’ve put together the Emergency Response Plan: an online programme that covers everything you need to help you get your in-person services online – and do it fast. 

I’ll take you through the steps you need to take your in-person services online – from delivering 1-2-1 coaching / consultancy online, to creating online courses/webinars to ebooks. 

++ PLUS++  we’ll look at how to build an audience to sell them to.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the programme:

Video tutorials​

Worth £252

Worth £639

Over £890 worth of classes for only £197

PLUS there is a dedicated pop-up Facebook group where you can get advice, support and guidance from Janet and other freelancers/small business owners who are currently taking their services online.
This will be open until the end of April and/or until the Coronavirus pandemic has abated.

ABOUT Janet Murray

Over the past five years, I’ve built a large online audience which has helped me build a six-figure online business from online courses, membership sites and information products.

Many of my clients are looking to build an online audience so they can launch online courses and membership communities. Others are simply looking to attract more leads online (so they don’t have to worry where their next client is coming from). A few are making enough sales but need to build their audience so they can launch a dream project (e.g. a book, podcast or a speaking career).

I’m the creator of the Media Diary – a content planning tool for coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs.

I also have a popular podcast and blog where I share practical tips and tactics on audience building.

“I've generated 12k from online sales”

Before I started working with Janet I was giving away lots of free PR advice via my blog and Facebook group. And when I did do paid PR consultancy - it was generally in person, which meant I had to travel. I wasn’t sure how to price myself but Janet helped me see the value I was giving to people and helped me package up my skills to create online products. With Janet's support, I’ve created a range of offerings I deliver online including a 1-2-1 coaching, an online Power Hour and in the last year I’ve created three online courses. It's early days - and I'm still growing my online audience - but this has already generated around £12k in income. The fact I can deliver this all from my home office (or wherever I happen to be at the time) makes it super flexible and allows me to help more people.
Rachel Spencer, Publicity for Pet Business Owners

"I've added 1900 to my email list and generated 15k in sales"

Before I started working with Janet, I was so obsessed with social media I’d neglected email marketing completely. In six months, my email list has grown by 1900 and I can directly track that back to £15k of client bookings. Who knows how much more work I’ll get in the future from people on my list? Thank you Janet – investing time and money with you has made me more confident, inspired and my business is thriving. I’m gone from feeling like I was winging it to a true business owner.
Hel Reynolds, Social Media Strategist

"I'm generating income from online services and new leads.'

Before I started working with Janet I was doing lots of free consultations with prospective clients. I often felt like I was giving away lots of free consultancy/advice - that didn't always lead to paid work. With Janet's encouragement I created an online Power Hour for clients to discuss their design ideas which costs £197. Not only has this generated additional income - it's also sending me more qualified leads for my home redesign service. The calls are really simple to run, using the video conferencing software Zoom. And not having to travel to see prospective clients saves tons of time and frees me up to work with more paying clients:
Jon Clayton, Architectural Technologist

"I added 1k new subscribers to my list and I'm converting them into customers"

I knew I needed to grow my email list – but I wasn’t sure how to get started. Using Janet’s resources helped me create my first lead magnet – a guide for virtual assistants on how to get clients – in a matter of days. Not only have I added 1k new subscribers to my list, I’ve sold 350 books and launched a membership programme for VAs – all of which was made much easier by having an email list. Catherine Gladwyn, Virtual Assistant

Over £890 worth of classes for only £197

Any questions? answers here

When will I get access to the resources?

The resources are available immediately. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access them in the membership site. 

Is there any similarity between your Build Your Online Audience programme and the Emergency Response Plan? 

While some of the topics might be similar – the content is completely different.   

I have already bought some of the masterclasses inside the Emergency Response Plan. Can I get a discount? 

I’m afraid we don’t offer a discount if you have already purchased one or more of the masterclasses in the bundle. If you were to buy all the resources separately, they’d add up to in excess of £890 – there’s plenty of new content in there for you. 

I’m not based in the UK – can I still by the Emergency Response Plan

Yes – absolutely.  

Does the programme include any 1-2-1?

I’m not able to answer individual questions via email, but if you post your question in the dedicated Facebook group, I can answer it there – that way others will benefit too. If you are looking for 1-2-1 support, email my team on [email protected] and they can give you more information on how I may be able to help.

I don’t have PayPal…nor do I want it. How can I pay? 

If you click the PayPal button on the order form it will take you through to the PayPal login page.  On that page you will see “Check Out as a Guest”. If you click that then you can check out without a PayPal account and pay by credit or debit card.

Do you offer refunds? 

No we don’t. So please make sure you’re certain before you buy.