[039] How to be resilient with 'Tough Girl' Sarah Williams

How to be resilient
How to be resilient

If you have a business or brand to promote, you're probably out there selling yourself - in a variety of ways - every day of the week.  Inevitably there are setbacks and sometimes it can feel like you're hearing the word 'no' far more than 'yes'.  Recovering from disappointments and picking yourself up and trying again (and again and again and again) takes perseverance and resilience.

Sarah Williams - aka The Tough GIrl - is an author, blogger, motivational speaker, marathon runner and Killamanjaro climber. She's also the host of the Tough Girl podcast in which she interviews inspirational women who’ve used their bodies and minds to achieve incredible things - from climbing some of the highest mountains in the world to competing in Iron Man competitions to overcoming cancer.

In this episode, she shares what she's learned about resilience from some of the toughest women in the planet - and her own experience of tackling physical challenges - along with practical tips and strategies on developing mental toughness (and how it can help us succeed in business and in life).

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • Sarah's journey from banking to online business 
  • Why Sarah decided to interview some of the toughest women in the world - and what she's learned from the experience
  • Practical tips and strategies on tackling big challenges and developing resilience in business and life
  • Nature vs nurture: are some people naturally more resilient than others?
  • Why Sarah believes tackling physical challenges can help us develop mental toughness
  • How making mistakes - and learning from them - has helped Sarah develop her media interview skills

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