[009] How to build a memorable brand with Natalie Sisson


If you want you to get people talking about your business, you need a strong, memorable brand. But in an increasingly crowded digital market, how do you rise above the noise?

Find out in my interview with Natalie Sisson – aka the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • The importance of having a brand that aligns with your personal values
  • Why Natalie’s number 1 value is freedom and how that’s influenced her business branding
  • Why Natalie thinks you can’t be ‘vanilla’ if you want to succeed in business
  • How Natalie has used social media to build her brand (+ her advice on how you can use social to build yours)
  • How Natalie landed press coverage in influential publications and programmes like Yahoo Finance, Forbes & 60 Minutes New Zealand
  • Why Natalie thinks getting PR coverage is about ‘preparation meets opportunity’

Key resources and links

Natalie’s website

Natalie on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

How to get big media coverage on a small business budget (my interview on Natalie’s podcast)

Screw the 9-5 with Josh and Jill Stanton

Fluent in Three Months with Benny Lewis.

Get my online PR programme Soulful PR for Starters 

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