Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement with your Facebook page?  

You’re posting regularly but your reach is poor. Your posts are only attracting a handful of likes and comments - leaving you wondering if it’s worth having a page at all.  

If this sounds like you, the first thing you need to know is that this is nothing to do with the Facebook algorithm and everything to do with the kind of content you’re sharing.  

Which means there is a lot you can do to improve your engagement (without spending a penny on advertising).  

Starts Monday 16th September

Join my FREE 7-day Facebook engagement challenge and I’ll show you:  

  • Why you need to have a Facebook page  
  • What kind of content you should be sharing on your Facebook page (and what you should not)  
  • How to get Facebook to show your content to a bigger audience  
  • How to get more likes and comments on your posts (it’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you’re not doing it already)
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Share ideas and solve problems with like-minded business owners who are also increasing the engagement on their Facebook pages 

Learn the strategies I've used to grow my Facebook Page

 I'll share the exact strategies I've used to attract hundreds of reactions, comments and shares on my posts

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