Do you feel nervous about pitching to journalists?

Have you ever held back from pitching a story idea because you were worried your idea would be rejected or ignored?

Do you sometimes spot a media story and think ‘that could have been ME? If only I’d had the guts to make that call/send that email?’

If so, you’ll love my interview with fear expert Alexia Leachman.

Alexia has helped dozens of people clear their fears around everything from fear of telephones to childbirth and has tons of tips that will help you feel more confident when you’re pitching to journalists.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • How naming your fears can help you tackle your nerves around pitching to journalists
  • How fear can sometimes be your intuition telling your pitch needs more work
  • How laughing at yourself can help you move past your fears
  • A simple technique that can help you clear your fears around minutes

Key resources and links

Marie Forleo’s interview with Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert on her new book on creativity Big Magic

Gabrielle Bernstein on how to release fear

The story I pitched to the Huffington Post immediately after this interview - and after talking to Alexia about my pitching fears (N.B. It wasn’t the one I was planning to pitch before the call - I pitched that to the Guardian instead!).

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Feel the fear and pitch it anyway (from my blog)

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