[290] On-Air Coaching: How do I speak to two different audiences in my email marketing?

how do i speak to two different audience in my email marketing with janine esbrand

Do you sell your products or services to different audiences?  Is this getting you confused about your marketing as you don’t know who to focus on and where?

In this on-air coaching episode with career coach, Janine Esbrand, I share how to target varied audiences within your email and content marketing, the importance of keeping your message clear by targeting different clients or customers on different platforms, plus tips on how to promote yourself to a new market.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Janine’s business story (0:55)
  • How Janine currently brings money into her business (and what she is struggling with) (2:42)
  • Do you need to target both audiences with your email list? (6:45)
  • How to market yourself on different platforms (to different audiences) (11:00)
  • Tips for promoting yourself to a new market (18:15)


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