How I chose the speakers for Build Your Audience Live

If you’re thinking of coming along to Build Your Audience Live you may want to know more about the speakers – and how I chose them.

A quick bit of background: At Build Your Audience Live you’ll get to meet some of the world’s most inspiring marketing experts – all of whom have built a large online audience on a particular platform (or several). And you won’t just get to meet them…you’ll get to hang out with them for the full two day event.

We keep the event deliberately small (80 delegates max) so you can chat to them over, coffee, lunch, dinner – and during our dedicated table talks where you can get personalised advice on how to promote your business. Topics include: video marketing, podcasting, social media strategy, Pinterest marketing, traffic generation, Facebook ads, Instagram marketing, content strategy, SEO & traffic generation, Twitter marketing & more.

There’s absolutely NO queuing at the side of the stage for a selfie…these guys are all yours for the ENTIRE two days.

Janet Murray (that’s me)

In 2015, I was a journalist with a blog about how to get featured in the press. Today I’m a content marketing expert, author, podcaster and speaker who speaks all over the world about building online audiences. I run my business from home, generating income from a membership community, mastermind groups, online courses and related products. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants build online audiences because I know it’s the quickest route to making a decent income (without having to trade time for money). I also know how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this event to help you build, grow and scale your audience.

Ian Anderson Gray

I first met Ian when we were both speaking at New Media Europe back in 2016. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him at various marketing conferences, including Social Media Marketing World in San Diego where he has spoken for the last four years. You may also have spotted me taking part in Ian’s fab Christmas Carol Of The Day project and virtual choir. Ian – who is also a singing teacher – is an expert in live video confidence, but is also a successful blogger whose popular posts receive over 2m views a year – meaning there is tons for you to pick his brain about at Build Your Audience Live. Ian is great fun and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

You can listen to our podcast interview here. 

May King Tsang

I first met May King when she attended one of my live events Media Influence Live.  I was impressed with her social media coverage of the event – particularly her live tweeting – which really put her on my radar. May King has live tweeted for events all over the world. She now specialises in social media FOMO* creation for live events offering live social media coverage that creates a buzz around the event and recently worked on Atomicon 2019. As well as speaking at Build Your Audience Live, May King will be delivering her FOMO* creation package…so watch and learn people!

*Fear of missing out


Jeff Sieh

I first heard of Jeff when I was looking for Pinterest advice and came across his podcast The Manly Pinterest Podcast. I invited him to be a guest on my show and recently had the pleasure of hanging out with him in Nashville, where I was speaking at the Tribe conference (in fact he took it upon himself to be my personal photographer/videographer).  Jeff, who is based in Texas, is a regular speaker at Social Media Marketing World (in fact he’s part of the Social Media Examiner) team. I’m so excited for Jeff to share his Pinterest tips with you, but also his wisdom on developing a strong niche. It’s his first time visiting the UK, so I can’t wait to introduce him to you. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.

Jessica Dante

Jess has built up an 88k following for her YouTube Channel Love & London – an online travel guide for visitors to London. This has helped her build an email list and generate income through the sale of her travel guides and partnership with brands. I can’t wait for her to share her tips with you on growing and monetising your YouTube channel. Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel  yet – I know you’ll get tons of inspiration from her on what kind of content you should be creating to attract your ideal clients, growing an audience for your blog/vlog and monetising your content. She is also one of the most approachable experts I know. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here

Colin Gray

I first met Colin back in 2015 at New Media Europe. Since then, we’ve gone on to share a stage at numerous events together, including the Youpreneur Summit in London, CMA Live in Edinburgh and Inbound in Boston.  Colin, aka The Podcast Host, is an authority on all things podcasting.  He’s also a successful blogger, whose blog gets 2.5m visits a year, app developer and is brilliant on time management and productivity. Colin is one of the nicest guys I know and I can’t wait for you to meet him. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.

Kirsty Merrett

I discovered blogger Kirsty Merrett (aka @labelsforlunch) on Instagram when I was looking for interesting accounts to follow. I loved the content she was sharing on shopping, fashion, beauty and interiors and was intrigued by how she was working with brands. I’m excited to introduce her to you so she can share her tips on creating a beautiful-looking Instagram feed, compelling Instagram stories and how to find your ideal clients/brands to work with on Instagram.

Find out more about Kirsty here.

Gavin Bell

I first met Facebook ads specialist Gavin at CMA Live in Edinburgh and have had the pleasure of hanging out with him at various marketing events. Gavin is one of the UK’s leading experts on Facebook ads who works with brands all over the world to get them great results. He’s also a vlogger and speaker (we recently shared a stage at the Marketing Business Summit over in Milan). What I love about Gavin is that he makes Facebook ads sound so simple. He’s also an utterly nice guy and I can’t wait to introduce him to you. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.