[283] How meet ups can help you make sales in your business

I’ve recently started running pop-up meet ups in town and cities where I’m speaking/working. It’s helped me make a deeper connection with existing clients and generate 3.5k of new business (in a matter of weeks).

In this episode, I share why meet ups are now part of my marketing strategy - along with practical tips on running your own (regardless of whether you have  product or service-based business).

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why I initially resisted the idea of hosting meet ups (6:08) 
  • How I organise my meet ups (including venues and costs) (10:00) 
  • The impact of hosting meet ups on my business (including sales!) (14:26)
  • My tips on running your own meet ups (17:13) 
  • Ideas for meet ups if you have a product-based business  (22:58) 


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