[431] How much does it cost to host an online/pop up Christmas market?

Thinking about hosting your own online Christmas market or virtual pop up?

Listen to this podcast episode and discover how much it really costs to host an online Christmas market or any kind of virtual online sale.

I explain what’s possible at three different price points. I’ll talk you through the options and costs as to what you can do – depending on the budget you have.

Find out how to go LIVE on a budget of £50 ($70), what you could achieve with a  budget of £500 ($700)  and how to make an impact with a really big budget of £5000 ($7000).

I explain the costs for creating and hosting your online sale and everything you need to consider – especially if you want to charge sellers a fee to sell at your online market.

Plus the one thing you need to have – especially if you are charging people to sell at your online market.

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