[370] How sharing personal experiences can boost engagement on your Facebook page

Over the past few days, I’ve shared with you the four types of post that will attract engagement on your Facebook page. These are:

  1. I need to know this
  2. I know about that
  3. This is what I think
  4. I know how that feels

Over the past few days, you’ve tackled the first three types of content.  Today I want to go a bit deeper on the fourth kind of content and get you to publish an engaging ‘I know how that feels’ post.

However there is an art to getting engagement on this kind of content and in this podcast episode, I’ll show you how.

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People also love to share their experiences/advice, which is why more vulnerable, personal content works well. This is why posts on my training for the London Marathon (including injuries and setbacks) tend to get more engagement than any of my business posts.

When you share personal content, over time, you build up a narrative and take people on a journey with you - something that  can be very powerful.

Remember this does not mean you have to share your deepest, darkest secrets - one of the most popular ‘I know how that feels’ posts I created was round-up of my most embarrassing headshots (we all know how it feels to look at an embarrassing old photo of ourselves).

But people like to do business with people. If you’re willing to share a little of the person behind the business you’ll get much better engagement on your page. And when people feel connected to you through a shared experience - or just being able to relate to your feelings - they’re far more likely to want to be your customer.

Do this one thing

Create a short ‘I know how that feels’ style Facebook post which encourages people to share their thoughts/experiences.  Ideally, choose a topic you can people will actually care about and make it easy for people to respond (as shown in the example above).

Many of the engagement strategies I share above (e.g. asking questions, giving a narrow range of choices) can work for this type of post, but if your post is powerful enough, you may not need to use them at all. Experiment and see what works.

Tip: Photographs, video and images are all great for engagement.

Next, chivvy up your Facebook Engagement Tribe and get them commenting on your post. While no one truly knows how the algorithm works, many believe that comments made in the first 15 minutes of posting have the biggest impact (and that’s certainly been my experience) so get to work!

Finally, share your post in the Facebook group to get feedback from myself and others in the group (we have a dedicated thread for each day).

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Podcast shownotes

  • How to take part in the Facebook page engagement challenge when it has finished (01:15)
  • Why you should share personal content on your Facebook page (4:19)
  • How to create ‘I know how that feels’ content for your Facebook page (4:43)
  • Why you don’t have to get really personal when you share content on your Facebook page (6:02)
  • How being authentic and vulnerable can help you connect with your Facebook audience (6:43)
  • How to ‘keep it light’ and not too deep when you share personal content on your Facebook page 7:44)
  • How sharing personal content helps people see the face behind the business (and helps you do business) (8:10)
  • What you need to do for the challenge for this podcast (08:45)


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