[239] How to attract more traffic to your website with Terra Dawn

how to attract more traffic to your website with terra dawn

Are you blogging about your business but not getting enough traffic to your website?

In this episode, Terra Dawn shares her secrets on how to get more visitors your website and how to convert that traffic into customers.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Terra’s Business Story (2:52)
  • Why website traffic is so important (3:55)
  • Why traffic = maths (5:15)
  • How to get visitors to take the next step from viewing your site to becoming a customer (8:40)
  • Lead magnets: what they are and how they can help you attract customers (11:42)
  • How to create a lead magnet for a product-based business (13:13)
  • Why it is a good idea to limit the number of lead magnets you have (19:50)
  • Why building a Facebook community and being part of it will help you grow the traffic to your site (21:00)
  • How having one call to action across all your social platforms can be really effective (23:40)
  • How genuinely helping people online (for free) with no ulterior motive will help your business (24:25)
  • How to get a Facebook group started from scratch (32:35)
  • How to start (and grow) a Facebook group/membership community around a product based business (34:10)
  • How speaking at summits / hosting live events can increase the traffic to your website (43:00)
  • Terra Dawn’s top tip for increasing traffic to your website (47:30)


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