[410] How to avoid unconscious bias in your marketing with Ramat Tejani

If you've been wondering how you can promote inclusion and diversity in your business, a good place to start is with your marketing materials.

And in this fascinating interview, marketing expert and confidence coach Ramat Tejani explains how to spot unconscious bias in your marketing and gives practical guidance on how you can be more inclusive in your content.

Find out which aspects of your marketing you should focus on - from your website to your marketing materials to the tone of voice you use in your emails. PLUS the different ways you can promote diversity in your content - for example, through the guests you feature on your blog, podcast and Facebook Live shows.

Ramat also recommends resources that you might find helpful on inclusion, diversity and anti-racism.

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Podcast Shownotes

  • About Ramat and her business (1:43)
  • How unconscious bias works in our minds (3:13)
  • Why we can be uninclusive in our marketing (4:17)
  • Why we all have an unconscious bias (7:18)
  • How to view your business for diversity, inclusivity and unconscious bias (10:54)
  • Why being inclusive in your marketing will make a difference to your sales (14:47)
  • Why you should keep your language and tone of voice clear and simple (17:30)
  • Why you should be conscious of the audience you're writing for (20:08)
  • Why anyone should be able to understand your content  (25:25)
  • How to be less bias in your content creation and bring in new voices (26:55)
  • Why you need to keep adapting your marketing to ensure inclusivity (31:18)
  • Why you will have to take your time with any changes you make (35:17)
  • Why it’s ok to say you’re taking the time to learn about racism (41:17)
  • How everyone can make a difference even if its small (44:08)
  • Books and resources that Ramat recommends (45:50)


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