[425] How to boost your income from affiliate marketing

Want to generate additional income in your business?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to generate additional income in your business – and leverage the audience you already have –  without creating new products/services.

But what’s the best way to get started as an affiliate? How do you generate a decent income as an affiliate? And are there any downsides to being an affiliate?

Listen to this podcast epsiode or read the blog below and find out.

PLUS find out how much you might expect to earn as an affiliate and you can become an affiliate for Janet Murray products/services.

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Step 1: Make a list of products/services you already use and love


Start by making a list of products/services you already use and love  that – crucially – will also be relevant  to your audience.

For example, I am an affiliate for the transcription service Rev, the landing page tool Lead pages and the video editing tool Kapwing – all tools I use regularly in my work. Which makes it easy to create content about these tools for my audience.

While you can be an affiliate for any product/service you’ll find it much easier (and quicker) to create content about products you know and love.

And yes you will need to create content as an affiliate.

When it comes to making buying decisions, social proof is huge.

So it’s not enough to say you love a particular product/service. If you want to make decent money as an affiliate, you’ll need to show them how brilliant the products/services you recommend are. And how they could make a difference to their business/life

This doesn’t mean you have to create highly-produced trailers or demo videos.

Pictures, screenshots and/or simple videos shot on your mobile phone can be enough to show people it’s worth investing in the products/services you recommend.

For example, this blog post I created on how to add closed captions to your social media videos using Rev and Kapwing.

Step 2: Sign up to be an affiliate 


Once you’ve made your list of products/services you’d love to be head over to their websites. Many will have a dedicated affiliate page where you can sign up. If they don’t, shoot them an email to ask if they have an affiliate programme and take it from there.

Step 3: Gather resources for your affiliate content 


As with anything in business/life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. So putting aside some time to create affiliate content is vital.

Some affiliate scheme owners will have dedicated affiliate packs, which will include swipe copy (sample copy) and artwork you can use to create content.

If this is available, do use it. Not only will this help ensure you are sharing accurate information about the product/service you are promoting.

It will also save you tons of time.

If affiliate content is not available, you can create your own:


A good affiliate pack will include:

✔️ Email marketing copy

✔️ Social media posts (different word lengths for different platforms)

✔️ Images


If you want to increase your affiliate income, you can add:

✔️ Demo videos

✔️ Blog posts, podcast episodes, Youtube videos

While there is more effort involved in creating full-on blog posts, podcast episodes and Youtube videos

Consider adding bonus content you think might appeal to your audience. For example, I have seen affiliates for Marie Forleo’s B-School offering dedicated Facebook groups, training sessions and even a mastermind day in Paris. But do be careful with this one.

For example, last year I noticed someone was selling Power Hours teaching people how to use Janet Murray’s Social Media Diary & Planner. They weren’t even an affiliate. For me, this was a big no-no, as I don’t currently offer a licence for people to teach my content planning system. If people want to be taught my content planning system, they can purchase my 2021 Sorted Club.

So if you are going to offer a bonus, it’s better to offer a complimentary product/service i.e. a resource/class that might also be of interest.

If in doubt, run your idea past the business owner first.

Step 4: Create your affiliate content (focus on the benefits rather than the features


One of the biggest mistakes I see people making with affiliate schemes is focusing on the features rather than how the product/service can help people.

So before you start to create your affiliate content, start by making a list of the problems your product/services solve.

Let’s use my 2021 Sorted Club as an example.

The 2021 Sorted Club is for busy business owners who need help with content planning and creation. Their biggest problems are lack of time, ideas and struggling to stay consistent with their content (which stems from the first two problems).

So if I was an affiliate for my 2021 Sorted Club, rather than talk about the features of the product, I would share content that showed how the diary and resources helped me – and others – save time and money.

So my content list might include:

✔️ Videos of me showing the inside of the diary

✔️ Photos of how I use the diary to plan (some including me planning with my diary)

✔️ Screenshots of posts I’ve created using the diary/resources – particularly ones that saved me time, made me money and/or got more engagement than usual

✔️ Screenshot of the copy from the weekly Content Inspo email

✔️ Posts about me taking part in the group coaching

✔️ Social media and blog post(s) about how I used the diary  to create content (that saved me time and money)

✔️ Social media and blog post(s) about how I am getting ready for the 2021 Sorted event and what I’ve gained from attending previous events

✔️ Content that tackles peoples’ objections

Downsides to becoming an affiliate

While it can be great, you do have to remember that any time you’re promoting other peoples product/services you can’t promote your own – so you need to think carefully about the time you are going to spend on affiliate marketing.

You can block off some time each month or focus one block of time a week/month to do your affiliate marketing. But beware of randomly posting and confusing your audience with your messaging – try to be consistent with the content that you produce.

How much can you earn as an affiliate?

It depends on the programme. The larger bigger ticket programmes can be a fixed fee and some are a fixed percentage of the cost of the programme/product.

How to become a Janet Murray affiliate

If you’re recommending my products it’s important to me that this is because you genuinely love them and find them useful.

For this reason, to be eligible for my affiliate scheme, you must be a member of my Build Your Online Audience programme and/or a member of my 2021 Sorted Club.


Find out more about my Janet Murray affiliate scheme.

Podcast shownotes


  • About 2021 Sorted my live online content planning event (01:01)
  • About this podcast episode (06:20)
  • What is an affiliate marketing scheme (6:52)
  • How do you get started with affiliate marketing (07:46)
  • Why affiliate marketing has to be relevant to your business and audience (08:02)
  • Why you need to create content if you want to make some serious money (9:14)
  • Why your need to create content that has social proof (10:35)
  • How to find out if a product or service has an affiliate scheme (11:54)
  • Why you will need to create some content for your affiliate marketing (12:43)
  • Why you should take time to create really good affiliate content (14:50)
  • How to encourage people to sign up with bonus content (16:28)
  • What your affiliate content needs to focus on (18:01)
  • Types of affiliate content that you can create for my 2021Sorted event (21:57)
  • How to create objection content and why you need to (23:06)
  • How much money can you make from affiliate marketing? (24:36)
  • Why you might need a big audience if you’re selling a big-ticket affiliate scheme (24:59)
  • Why you shouldn’t randomly post about affiliate marketing (26:30)
  • About my new affiliate scheme for my products (28:26)



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