[450] How to bounce back from a failed launch with Natalie Sisson

Have you ever launched a course or product that flopped – leaving you wondering where you went wrong? 

If this sounds familiar you’ll love this podcast episode with business coach Natalie Sisson. 

Natalie explains how to bounce back from a failed launch and shares her experience of a launch that flopped (and the BIG lessons she learnt).

You’ll learn why being true to yourself can have a huge impact on your launch and how to find the resilience to bounce back from failure.

This is the final episode of The Build Your Online Audience podcast.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About this final Build Your Online Audience podcast episode (00:30)
  • How Natalie inspired me at the start of my podcast journey (01:01)
  • Find out about my new Courageous Content podcast (01:58)
  • About Natalie and her mission to help women earn what they’re worth (03:32)
  • What happened when Natalie’s launch went wrong (06:40)
  • How your mindset can make a bad launch so much worse (09:20)
  • Why your launch will bomb if you don’t stay true to your values (14:15)
  • Why solving problems is more important than perfection (15:53)
  • The key things you need to remember for a successful course launch (17:10)
  • Why the size of your audience should determine your launch strategy (19:10)
  • Why keeping your launch simple is key to success  (23:02)
  • How to find out if people will buy your course before you launch (26:57)
  • About Natalie’s new book ’Suck it up Princess’ (33:45)
  • Why resilience is key when you’re launching (36:20)
  • How to join the waitlist for my new Courageous Content podcast (37:29)


Natalie’s website and podcast
Natalie’s Instagram
Natalie’s book Suck It Up Princess


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