In this episode I share practical tips and strategies for bouncing back from setbacks, based on my own London Marathon experience (sadly I had to withdraw from the race due to heat exhaustion).

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Background to entering (and training for) the London Marathon 2018 (2:28)
  • Why the weather reports for the marathon day concerned me but I went for it anyway (7:50)
  • Why I made the decision to pull out half way through (10:10)
  • The first step I take when I experience a setback (14:15)
  • What I could have done to avoid this setback (17:45)
  • Why you have to readjust your goals sometimes to achieve what you want in the long run (20:15)
  • How to consider the next steps to help you recover from your setback (22:40)


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