[259] How to build a loyal following on Twitter with Madalyn Sklar

Do you feel lost on Twitter and unsure how to utilise it effectively for your business?

Listen to this episode for practical tips and strategies on starting conversations, using Twitter lists, getting involved with Twitter chats and how to grow your community online with Twitter marketing expert Madalyn Sklar.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Madalyn’s business story (3:06)
  • An introduction to Twitter chats (8:24)
  • How to use Twitter effectively for your business (9:52)
  • Why you need to be consistent on Twitter and show up frequently (10:40)
  • How to encourage conversations and engagement on Twitter (15:25)
  • Does hosting a Twitter chat annoy your regular followers? (19:01)
  • How to respond to notifications and tag others in your tweets (21:38)
  • Why you should reply to comments with a video (25:40)
  • How to use Twitter lists to be more organised (29:03)
  • How to use Twitter chats to promote your business and build a community (35:30)
  • Why you shouldn’t just use Twitter for broadcasting (41:20)
  • Use the hashtag #jmpodcast to discuss this episode with Janet and Madalyn!


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