In this celebratory 300th episode, I look back at what I’ve learned over the last five years of business and share practical tips on how to grow your audience including why it’s important, what to do when something goes wrong, and why investing in training is essential for your business growth and development.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What I learned in 2013 (12:38)
  • What I learned in 2014 (17:44)
  • What I learned in 2015 (19:20)
  • What I learned in 2016 (20:35)
  • What I learned in 2017 (23:33)
  • What I learned in 2018 (24:50)
  • The key takeaways that you can learn from my journey (26:30)
  • Why producing free content can help grow your audience (27:28)
  • What my day-to day life looks like (and how I am productive) (34:39)
  • Why owning your mistakes can help you in your business (39:03)
  • Use the hashtag #episode300 to talk to other listeners about the podcast


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