[424] How to build an audience on YouTube with Justin Brown

Are you mystified by YouTube? Would you love some clear practical strategies to get more views on your YouTube videos and increase your subscribers and watch time on your YouTube channel?

If so, you’ll love this podcast episode with YouTube expert Justin Brown. Justin demystifies the platfom and explains what you really need to do – if you want to grow an audience on YouTube.

Learn how the YouTube algorithm works (and how you can help the algorithm show your YouTube videos to MORE people).

Find out if YouTube subscribers are really more important than views and the three things you MUST get right on your videos.

Justin explains how to use a keyword research strategy when planning a video and the ONE thing that your keywords should focus on if you want to get more eyes on your videos.

Plus why your YouTube thumbnails are so important (and why they’re more than just a pretty image), why YouTube video optimisation is crucial and the five things that you need to get right to get your YouTube videos seen by more people.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}


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Podcast shownotes


  • About my 2021 Sorted Annual Content planning event (01:09)
  • What Justin does and how he became a YouTube expert (7:57)
  • Why you need a budget for marketing your videos (10:49)
  • Where people struggle with creating video (12:06)
  • Why you need to create content that people want to see (13:07)
  • Why you should start your keyword research before you create your video (13:38)
  • The three things your YouTube video has to do (15:20)
  • How to approach a YouTube video strategy based on search (20:40)
  • Why keyword research is important for your YouTube video title (24:30)
  • Why you shouldn’t avoid the popular search terms (26:27)
  • How the YouTube algorithm works (27:55)
  • Why YouTube subscriber numbers are a vanity metric (30:39)
  • Why thumbnails are so important to get views on your video (32:02)
  • The five-step video process that Justin uses to hook people in (33:40)
  • How to create a good video experience for people (36:44)
  • How long should your YouTube videos be (38:17)
  • How to make sure that people stick with your YouTube video to the end (39:40)
  • Why your video needs to be clear and concise (40:20)
  • What kit do you really need and why your audio is most important (41:38)
  • Why your first videos won’t be perfect (and how to make them better) (43:58)
  • Why consistency is important and what you need to remember (45:30)
  • How to use your competitor’s YouTube videos to research (46:01)
  • Why the first 24 hours are really important for your YouTube videos (47:29)
  • Why you should have a re-optimising strategy for your older YouTube videos (49:40)




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