Ever seen people talking about ‘online challenges’ and wondered what they are or how they could help your business?

In this episode I explain what online challenges are, and give practical tips on how you can use them to create an amazing connection with your customers, grow your audience, and make sales.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • What is an online challenge? (10:22)
  • The benefits of hosting an online challenge for your business (11:28)
  • The four things to bear in mind when picking a topic for your challenge (15:10)
  • How I’ve used online challenges to sell my products/events (16:27)
  • Why you need to give participants a specific win at the end of the challenge (17:40)
  • Why you need to ‘tap into people's pain’ when marketing your challenge (19:15)
  • How to come up with ideas for online challenges (including if you’re a product based business) (21:20)
  • How using online challenges can help to build amazing connections with your audience (26:58)
  • How to construct your challenge (29:08)
  • How to lead people into a sale after the challenge (31:47)
  • How to use email automation for your challenges (but why it isn’t vital) (32:50)


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