If you want to grow your business, hiring a team is essential. But when is the right time to hire your first team member(s) and where should you be looking? How much should you expect to pay? And what happens if you make a hiring mistake?

Mandy Hamerla is an HR expert who helps small businesses fire, hire and inspire their staff.  In this episode she answers these questions - and many more - on building and growing your dream virtual team.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Mandy’s business story (2:55)
  • The biggest challenges faced by small businesses when taking on (and managing) staff (4:30)
  • How do you know when it’s the right time to start outsourcing (and how to go about it) (4:55)
  • The pros and cons of hiring a freelance contractor or employing someone (10:15)
  • How to find and hire someone successfully (17:20)
  • How to avoid hiring the wrong person (18:35)
  • How to inspire your staff and keep them working for you (21:40)
  • How to handle difficult conversations with your staff (26:25)
  • How to fire a contractor or member of staff (35:02)


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Mandy's book: Hiring your first employee

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Mandy's free Hiring Guide: Download it here



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