[315] How to create a brand statement (and why you need to) with J. Nichole Smith

how to create a brand statement and why you need to

Hear the tables being turned in this surprisingly revealing episode, as J. Nichole Smith, a branding expert, challenges me on my brand statement and what language I should be using to have a more impactful message.

Nichole also shares some of the fears that are holding people back from creating a successful brand as well as how you can start transforming your brand statement today.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Nichole’s business story (2:00)
  • The different services Nichole offers in her business (6:10)
  • Why you need a brand statement (10:12)
  • How to create your brand statement (15:45)
  • Why language matters when creating your brand statement (22:45)
  • The biggest fears people have when it comes to creating their brands (25:45)
  • Why it is important to connect your brand with ‘who you are’ so your audience can see you living it everyday (29:12)
  • Why using emotion in your marketing works (36:35)
  • How to start transforming your brand statement (41:12)


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