[274] How to create an ebook or guide for your industry with Aleisha McCormack

how to create an ebook or guide for your industry with aleisha mccormack

Would you love to create an ebook or guide for your industry?  In this podcast, Aleisha McCormack, podcaster, producer and entrepreneur, explains how she created and marketed her popular Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival and Field Guides, including some top tips on how to build your audience and juggle a business alongside a full time job.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Aleisha’s business story (2:08)
  • Why (and how) Aleisha decided to start producing eBooks for her podcast listeners (6:28)
  • How much it cost to create and produce the Bridechilla Field Guide (17:04)
  • How to decide on pricing (25:21)
  • How Aleisha plans to expand the business going forward (27:05)
  • How to use start your own podcast and use it to grow your business (29:48)
  • How to build an audience (and moderate it) (35:54)
  • How to create an eBook or guide on a smaller scale (50:25)
  • How Aleisha juggles a full time job with her business (54:05)


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