[397] How to create content that attracts corporate clients with Jess Lorimer

Ever wondered about adding  a corporate revenue stream to your business? Maybe you’ve considered selling to corporate organisations but you’re just not sure how to do it? Or what content to create to attract them?

In this episode, sales coach Jess Lorimer explains how to create content that attracts corporate clients. Jess who helps online business owners sell to corporate organisations and is host of the Selling to Corporate podcast explains why you really should consider adding a corporate revenue stream to your business. She explains what it means to sell to a corporate organisation and the steps you can take to get started.

Jess shares the exact type of content that you need to be creating to sell to a corporate organisation. Plus how to create the RIGHT sort of content for LinkedIn to attract corporates – without waiting for them to discover you from scrolling through their LinkedIn feed.

She also shares the two types of content that you NEED to be creating to attract corporates and why you MUST remember that corporates aren’t robots and people need to feel a connection with people they work with. Which is why you should never be afraid to show your personality when you create your content – even when you’re trying to attract corporates.

This episode is full of valuable and practical tips from Jess that you can implement immediately to start creating content that converts and attracts.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About Jess and how her business has evolved (3:01)
  • What is a corporate and advantages of having a corporate revenue stream (6:01)
  • Why you should add a corporate revenue stream to your business (07:28)
  • Steps to take if you want to sell to corporates and how to find the low hanging fruit (13:41)
  • The two types of content that you can create to sell to corporates (19:45)
  • Types of proactive content that you can create (19:45)
  • How to use the two different types of content on different audience platforms (20:39)
  • The difference between proactive content and broadcast content (23:12)
  • Examples of different types of proactive content (24:07)
  • Examples of different types of broadcast content (24:42)
  • Why you need to make sure you have the right audience for your content (26:42)
  • Why you need to create content that makes corporates remember you (31:00)
  • Why you should create broadcast content that shows corporates your personality (38:05)
  • How to create content that can alert a corporate to a problem they might need to solve (44:37
  • How you can create content that starts discussions and demonstrates your expertise (46:42)


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