[443] How to create content that will attract your ideal customers/clients with Dawn Bradley

Ever find yourself wondering how some business owners manage to get tons of engagement (and sales) from the content their share on social media?

Then you’ll love this podcast episode with Dawn Bradley – who teaches hair stylists how to build a six-figure business (having done exactly that herself). 

Dawn explains how to create content that really gets under the skin of your ideal customers/clients and keeps them coming back for more.

PLUS how to get comfortable with sharing content on more personal topics (and why you should). And why you must stop trying to appeal to everyone (because you’ll end up appealing to no one).

This episode is packed full of tips, strategies and ideas – regardless of what type of business you have. 

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}

Podcast shownotes

  • About my Instagram Success Academy (01:35)
  • About Dawn and her business journey (02:20)
  • When Dawn realised she wanted to work smarter not harder (05:30)
  • How Dawn used the power of Instagram to create demand for her services (07:15)
  • The language Dawn uses to attract her ideal clients (11:38)
  • Why relatable content is more important than perfection (16:20)
  • Why you can’t appeal to everyone and why you shouldn’t try to (29:51)
  • Ways to deal with feedback (including negative reviews) (34:20)
  • How Dawn niched her content by embracing the weird (36:50)
  • Benefits of creating relatable content  (41:01)
  • How Dawn blends professional and personal life in her content creation (45:10)
  • Setting out boundaries with the online content you share (47:50)
  • Why spontaneous content can work better than scheduled (49:20)
  • The benefits of making an emotional connection with your audience (52:48)


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