[387] How to create more content in less time with Amy Woods

Want to save time on content creation? And get the content you create in front of a bigger audience?

If that sounds appealing, you’ll love this podcast episode with content repurposing expert Amy Woods.

Amy explains what the best type of content is to create for your business, how to save time on your content creation and how to get the most out of every piece of content you create. She talks about content repurposing strategy and why you should consider the platform you’ll be publishing your content on –  before you create it. PLUS why it’s really important to make sure you create content that gets found by website search – and not just social media – so you can build your audience on your own platform.

Amy shares how she repurposes her own podcast and what types of content she creates for it. PLUS how to reduce content creation overwhelm.

Going to listen? I’d love to know what you think?

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode}

Podcast shownotes

  • About Amy Woods and her business Content 10x (3:36)
  • Why you should start with creating content that you are comfortable with (5:36)
  • Why using live video will give you the best content to repurpose from and engage your audience (7:16)
  • Why you need to remember the message that you are trying to convey when you repurpose your content (12:00)
  • How to repurpose a podcast or video and get it found by search not just social media (13:28)
  • Why you should get a transcription of your video audio to help repurpose content (15:20)
  • How to save time and reduce content overwhelm by making the most of your content (18:30)
  • Why it’s good to think about the content you create in relation to the platform (24:12)
  • How to make the most of your easy to create behind the scenes content (27:24)
  • How Janet repurposes her podcast and the content she creates with it  (29:30)
  • How Amy repurposes her podcast and what content she creates with it (32:34)
  • Why it’s important to be consistent with your content and how it builds authority and recognition (37:39)
  • Why Amy wrote her book after she had built her audience and content (40:23)
  • Why you need to ‘walk the talk’ and demonstrate that you are an authority (44:12)


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