[371] How to develop a Facebook page strategy

Want to improve your Facebook page engagement?

Creating a strategy that sets out what you’re going to post, when and where will help a lot.

This doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to decide on the following:

  • How regularly you are going to post on your Facebook page
  • What days and times you are going to post
  • What kind of content you are going to share


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Remember that creating a strategy is just the first step. You’ll need to post consistently. And you’ll need to experiment – tweaking and testing your content to improve your results. You may also wish to start experimenting with other things e.g. best days and times to post your content and tweak accordingly.

Do this one thing

Write down the answers to the following questions (what gets written down gets done).

  1. How regularly are you going to post on your Facebook page  (I’d recommend at least 3-5 times a week)
  2. What days and times are you going to post? (you can always change this)
  3. What kind of content are you going to share?


Personally I would recommend scheduling on Facebook or posting organically rather than using a scheduling tool.

For accountability, share your answers to these three questions in the Facebook group (we have a dedicated thread for this).

Take part in my 7 day Facebook challenge here

Join the Facebook Challenge group 

Podcast shownotes

  • How to take part in the Facebook page engagement challenge when it has finished (01:04)
  • What you need to think about when planning a simple Facebook page strategy (2:35)
  • Why you should use the analytics in your Facebook page insights to see what content is working (3:00)
  • Why you should consider scheduling in Facebook directly rather than use a third party scheduler (3:23)
  • How often you should post content on your Facebook page (3:35)
  • What you need to do for the challenge for this podcast (3:55)

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