[389] How to find your niche (and why you need to) with Jo Soley

Ever wondered if the day you were born can affect your life, work and business?

In this podcast episode about how to find your niche – business and marketing coach Jo Soley shares how she decided to take the bold move to niche her coaching business to specialise in numerology. Jo uses the power of numerology to help clients to move forward and create a successful business.

It’s a great case study of how to choose a niche for your business and how to become an authority and dominate your niche. Jo explains the steps she took to pivot her business gradually and how her audience pretty much stuck with her.

Jo also shares how niching has made her business much more profitable and helps her stand out amongst the many business and marketing coaches out there.

It’s not the kind of podcast interview I normally do. But I can pretty much guarantee you that halfway through you’ll be really keen to work out your life path number and find out how your number energy can influence the direction of your business.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode}

Podcast shownotes

  • About Jo and how she developed her niche (2:43)
  • How Jo discovered numerology and discovered you can use it to coach people  (7:40)
  • How Jo niched into numerology and what those around her thought about it (11:36)
  • The steps Jo took to gradually change and introduce her new niche (15:30)
  • How Jo promoted her new business and then gradually launched her new niche (17:21)
  • How niching helped Jo build an audience that understood exactly what she does (21:21)
  • How niching has made Jo’s  business more profitable and helps her stand out (23:28)
  • How Jo works with people to align their numbers (25:09)
  • How to work out your life path number and what it can mean for your business (27:04)
  • What happens when you resonate with different numbers (38:06)
  • How your personality and your number can hold you back (41:36)
  • How to use your numerology knowledge to move forwards in your business (44:03)
  • How Jo plans to move her business forward (47:33)


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