Do you want to land more speaking gigs to help promote your business or become an expert in your field?

Simone Vincenzi has spoken at over 200 events this year and gives fantastic advice on how to get yourself booked, how to get ‘bums on seats’ at your own events and how you can sell from the stage if you’re a service or product based business.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Simone’s business story (5:55)
  • How to get ‘bums on seats’ at your event (14:05)
  • How to build your audience (16:42)
  • Why Simone speaks for free and how he can make more money ‘selling from the stage’ than from a speaking fee (18:50)
  • How (and what) Simone sells whilst on the stage (20:49)
  • Why speaking at events can help your business (22:20)
  • How to sell when speaking at events - in a way that suits you (26:33)
  • How to organise a speaking event if you have a high-end product based business (31:40)
  • How to speak at an event if you have a lower price point product based business (34:30)
  • How to decide which events to speak at (41:40)
  • How to get more speaking gigs (46:18)
  • Tips for organising (and managing the communication) for so many speaking gigs (54:10)


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