[289] How to get booked as a speaker

how to get booked as a speaker with janet murray

Speaking at live events can be a great way to attract clients and customers.  But how do you get booked as a speaker - particularly when you’re just starting out?  What kind of experience are event organisers looking for?  And what the best ways to get noticed?

In this episode I share how I chose the speakers for my upcoming event, Content Live 2018, so you can understand more about how event organisers think and the best ways to get noticed. I also share my best tips and tactics for getting booked to speak.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why public speaking can be good for your business (1:30)
  • A quick overview of Content Live 2018 (2:55)
  • How I chose the speakers for my live event (5:50)
  • What I look for when booking speakers for my live events (25:20)
  • How to get noticed (and booked) by an event organiser (28:16)


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