Suzi Grant has used her retirement to set up a successful blog and Instagram account which has led to major media coverage in high-profile publications like the New York Times and Daily Mail.

In this episode, Suzi shares her tips on what it takes to grow a following on social media - and why it's never too late to get started.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Suzi’s business story (2:01)
  • How Suzi got started on Instagram and blogging (5:30)
  • Why it’s important to have a niche and build your tribe around that (7:44)
  • How creating a movement or using your platform to change perceptions can accelerate growth (8:58)
  • Why it’s okay for your message to evolve over time (10:22)
  • The importance of personal style (13:10)
  • The key moments that lead to the growth of Suzi’s Instagram account (18:12)
  • How to get featured in national newspapers and beyond, including using media enquiry services (23:05)
  • How to use Twitter lists to connect with journalists (31:08)
  • How publicity can lead to working with brands as an influencer (33:40)
  • How Suzi has monetized her Instagram account and what she charges (35:25)
  • Why you need to invest time in building relationships on social media (37:00)
  • How Suzi built her following organically (38:42)
  • Why marketing is always worth your time and should be considered a priority (40:40)


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