how to get more engagement on linkedin

[268] How to get more engagement on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to have conversations with prospective customers, LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the best social media platforms to do this – and that goes for both product and service based businesses.

In this episode I share seven practical ways to boost your engagement on LinkedIn.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How LinkedIn – once thought of as a corporate, stuffy platform – is becoming more  like Facebook (and how you can use this to your advantage) (3:02)
  • Examples of my most successful posts on LinkedIn and how you can use these ideas in your own content (5:05)
  • How to mention (tag) people in your posts to encourage engagement (9:10)
  • How to ask questions and provoke discussion (14:11)
  • Why it is best to avoid images for your posts (and when you should use them) (20:11)

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