How to get the most out of my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner

Have you bought my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner and you’re wondering how best to use it?

Perhaps you struggle to create content about your business and you’d love some inspiration about how to think creatively and plan your content? If that sounds familiar then this special bonus podcast episode is for you.

Discover how to use my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner to plan an entire year’s worth of content around your business by creating yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly content plans.

I share practical tips about how to get the most out of your diary and how to use your diary to inspire creative sparks that will help you create REALLY engaging content – that WILL start conversations with your ideal clients and customers.

You’ll find out the ONE thing that you need to do BEFORE you start planning and creating your content.

I share examples of the types of content that you can create – so that you can get maximum results and engagement and why you don’t always have to talk about your business.

Find out how to use the awareness days in the diary to create sales points in your business. Especially if you find it hard creating content because you sell the same product or service all year round.

Haven’t got your 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner yet? Then scroll to the link below.

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Podcast show notes


  • About my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner (02:08)
  • What you need to think about before using your planner (04:03)
  • Why you need to think about your ideal customer clients need from you (05:30)
  • The three different types of audience you need to create content for (07:09)
  • Why you need to create content about objections to your product/service (09:40)
  • What is awareness content and why you should create it (11:31)
  • Why you need to make time to work on your content plan (13:24)
  • Why there’s no right or wrong way to use your 2021 Social Media Diary (15:01)
  • How to start creating your annual plan with a yearly overview (16:32)
  • Why you might need a business plan before you create your content plan (17:53)
  • Why you can’t sell the same product/service the same way all year (19:26)
  • How to plan your year and where you can create peak points (20:07)
  • How to create your own peak points with awareness days (23:40)
  • How to plan your quarterly content (25:45)
  • How to plan a regular piece of content every week (27:35)
  • Why you should time your content with what you’re selling (30:01)
  • Why every piece of content doesn’t have to be about your business (32:09)
  • How to create your monthly and weekly content plans (34:20)
  • How to repurpose your core piece of content (35:34)
  • About my 2021 Sorted Club (38:20)

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