how to grow your business through live events

If you're looking to grow your audience - and your client base - running live events can be an effective way to build influence and authority.

In this episode, Social Day founder Lucy Hall explains how she is using live events to grow her business.

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • How Lucy went from selling fitness products on Ebay to running her own social media consultancy
  • What inspired Lucy to start a large live event
  • How Lucy finds sponsors to support her events (and how she sets her prices)
  • Lucy's tips on having successful sales conversations
  • How Lucy uses traditional and social media to promote her events
  • Lucy's tactics for dealing with people who want to pick her brains for free
  • How Lucy uses content marketing to promote her events

Key resources

Lucy's live event Social Day 

Lucy personal website 

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Lucy on Twitter 

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