1300 business owners registered for my webinar. Here's how I did it

I ran a webinar today - a content planning workshop for 2018 - that had 1300 registrants.

Here's how I made it happen.

I sent four marketing emails and posted about it a few times on Facebook.

Sounds pretty impressive, right?

But while it's true to say I sent four emails and posted a few times in Facebook about this webinar, it’s certainly not true to say that’s the only marketing I did.

The truth is I’ve been marketing this webinar for nearly four years.

Let me explain:

Over the past four years I’ve:

1. Published a weekly blog post (sometimes more) - practical ‘how to’ advice that answers my customers’ questions / solves their problems
2. Published 220 podcast episodes - practical ‘how to’ advice/interviews with experts that answers my customers’ questions / solves their problems
3. Written and published a book 
4. Posted high quality content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn - every single day - and had conversations with my followers (daily)
5. Built an email list of 15k and sent regular emails to my subscribers
6. Built a free Facebook Community which now has 11.5k members
7. Hosted 25+ live events (this is how much it costs to put on a live event by the way)
8. Spoken at dozens of live events including CMA Live and the Youpreneur Summit
9. Given dozens of guest interviews on podcasts, including high-profile shows like John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur On Fire podcast and Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur FM (in many cases pitching myself as a podcast guest).
10. Launched the Media Diary: an A4 desk diary to help business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers with their content planning and the Media Diary Owners' Club, which offers support/accountability with content planning.
11. Hosted dozens of free webinars
12. Created dozens of free email opt-in offers for my audience, including my 10-day PR challenge and 5-day press release writing course
13. Done hundreds of hours of coaching, training and consultancy 
14, Launched a membership communitycreated hundreds of hours of training for members and launched several online courses, including Soulful PR for Starters
15. Spent $30,639 on Facebook ads

I’ve also invested in excess of £20k on my own personal development and training (so I could do all of the things above to the best of my ability).

So the truth is: I didn’t get 1300 registrations for my 2018 Content Planning Workshop because I sent a few emails and posted a few times on Facebook.

I got 1300 registrations for my 2018 content planning webinar because I’ve been showing up consistently for four years and publishing high-quality content (and giving most of it away for free). This has allowed me to build an audience. Which meant that when the time came to host this workshop... all I had to do was ask.

The truth about overnight successes 

I share this because it’s tempting to see people who are doing well online and think they’re an 'overnight success'. The truth is: most ‘overnight successes’ are years in the making. The ‘secret’ behind the impressive numbers is showing up consistently and publishing great content. And realising that if you want to make money in your business, you have to be prepared to spend it too.

So my challenge to you is this: are you ready to start doing what it takes to start building your audience? So when the time comes to host your webinar, sell your product or launch your product, all you have to do is ask?

You can absolutely figure all of this out for yourself. But if you want to get there quicker - and save time finding the right systems and resources - come and work with me in 2018.

Getting a copy of my 2018 Media Diary and/or joining my Media Diary Owners’ Club - so you can plan out your content for 2018 and make sure you actually create and publish it - probably feels like no brainer right?

(If you haven’t done it yet, you can do so here).

But if you want to move even quicker, come and work with me in my membership community or sign up to be the first to hear about by new Mastermind Group.