[317] How to launch a new product or service - fast! With Amanda Overend

how to launch a product or service fast with amanda overend

Launching a new product or service too quickly can lead to mistakes, overspending and failing to make the impact you desired.  Listen to this transformation episode with Amanda Overend, who shares how she successfully launched her new product, in time for Christmas, on a shoestring budget and with resounding success.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Amanda’s business story (00:58)
  • How Amanda got her idea off the ground (3:50)
  • Why it’s important to ask your audience what they think before you launch (6:58)
  • How Amanda launched on a shoestring budget (10:06)
  • How Amanda has used social media and email marketing to share the launch with her audience (12:52)
  • How being part of a mastermind group helped Amanda (19:33)
  • How being part of a mastermind group is different to business coaching (25:21)
  • Amanda’s tips for launching something new in 2019 (28:23)


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