How to make sales from goody bag marketing

Providing free items for goody bags can be a great way to get your products in front of prospective customers, but putting them in the bags is not enough. It’s up to you to convert those leads into sales.

Read on to find out how to make sales from goody bag marketing.

1. Don’t assume the event organiser will do your marketing for you

Many event organisers are happy to share photographs/video of goody bag products on social media - and even email their list about it - but never assume anything. Make sure you're clear on where and when they will be sharing photographs/video of your products before the event - ideally before you agree to provide them. If you have good quality images/video of your products, make sure the event organiser has access to them prior to the event.

2. Connect with delegates ahead of the event

Many organisers create dedicated Facebook groups, Twitter lists and host Facebook Live broadcasts ahead of their event. While most event organisers won’t want you to spoil the surprise by sharing pictures of the items you’re providing for the goody bags, they should be happy for you to introduce yourself to the delegates, mention you are supporting the event and drop a few hints about what to expect from you. You can join the Content Live Facebook group here. The Twitter list is here. We are also hosting a series of Facebook Live broadcasts ahead of the event. 

Goody bags

3. Attend the event if you can

Putting your products in goody bags is a great way to get prospective customers interested in your products. But when it comes to converting interest into sales, nothing is more powerful than being able to talk to people about your products and answer their questions. Most event organisers offer discounted tickets for event sponsors (including those who provide products for goody bags). If you attend the event, you can also create ‘live’ social media content (e.g. Instagram Stories, Facebook/Twitter updates) and tag in delegates in (perhaps even wearing/using your products) which is a great way to stay top of mind.

4. Create your own social media campaign around the event

Most event organisers encourage delegates to share ‘live’ content on social media and provide a dedicated hashtag for guests to follow. So make sure you get active on the dedicated hashtag before, during and after the event. Remember also that even people who aren’t attending the event will be following along on the hashtag. So take some time ahead of the event to gather photos, video, blog posts you can share. The dedicated hashtag for Content Live is: #2019Sorted.

5. Follow up with delegates after the event

Most event organisers create a delegate list, which means you can follow up with delegates and ask them how they’re getting on with your product(s). This is a great way to carry on the conversation after the event. You might even be able to follow up with a discount code or voucher they can use for their first order. If you create a special code - just for that event - you’ll be able to monitor exactly where your leads are coming from.

At Content Live we include a picture, social media handles, website address and email address of every delegate in our programme.