[429] How to plan and run a sellout virtual event

Are you thinking of planning and running an online virtual event? Maybe you’d love to know how much it really costs and if it’s worthwhile doing?

Listen to this podcast episode and find out everything I learnt from planning and running a sellout online virtual event.

Discover how I moved my annual LIVE in-person content planning event to a LIVE online virtual event. I share the costs involved and what you need to consider – from event insurance and contingency planning to entertaining people and making sure your event isn’t one long dreary Zoom call.

I explain the tech that was used to host and run my online virtual event – the essential things you need to have in place and what your team needs to do.

Find out how I created a buzz about an online virtual event, sold tickets and why it was worth investing in Facebook Ads.

PLUS how I made sure that everyone had the same networking opportunities that they would have at an in-person event.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About this podcast episode (00:49)
  • About my annual content planning event 2021 Sorted (02:04)
  • How we told the delegates that it was moving online (04:18)
  • Why I decided to move the event online rather than cancel (06:29)
  • How I hired a virtual event producer and planned the event (07:29)
  • How I created networking opportunities for delegates (08:38)
  • How we used Zoom Rooms for networking (09:50)
  • About the Level Up Sessions and the topics I chose (10:50)
  • About the Keynote Speakers and topics (13:10)
  • How much it cost me to run my live online virtual event (14:39)
  • How we did our tech contingency planning for an online virtual event (16:23)
  • How to get virtual online event insurance (18:59)
  • How we kept people entertained at a virtual event (19:50)
  • Other virtual online event and tech costs (21:09)
  • How much I spent on Facebook Ads to promote a virtual event (22:26)
  • Why you need to look beyond the cost of hosting a virtual online event (23:06)
  • The tech that we used to stream the online virtual event live (24:08)
  • How we made sure the speakers were in the right place (25:01)
  • How we warmed everyone up for the individual sessions (26:11)
  • Why we created lots of artwork for the event (27:34)
  • How I sold tickets for my online virtual event 2021Sorted (27:53)
  • How we created engagement and a buzz about the event (29:24)
  • Why I’m creating  a podcast stream for the event (29:50)
  • How to join 2021 Sorted after the event (31:38)


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