how to use social media to promote live events

[248] How to use social media to promote live events

Are you running a live event or workshop and wondering how to promote it more effectively?

In this episode, I share my top tips including how you can create valuable content that will help to promote your live event across all social media platforms – without ever appearing too ‘salesy’.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Why email marketing is vital to selling tickets for live events (0:47)
  • Why you need to start promoting at least 90 days before your event (1:48)
  • Different content you can publish to help promote your event (3:15)
  • How to create a buzz around your tickets being released on sale (6:05)
  • How to create a waiting list for your live event (8:34)
  • Why starting a conversation about your event is more effective than selling (9:56)
  • The role of scarcity in event ticket sales (12:40)
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on your speakers to promote your event (14:34)
  • How running a live webinar/Facebook video can help launch your event (17:30)
  • How to create content that addresses people’s objections (18:18)
  • Why you need to create content that adds value rather than just being all about you and your event (21:58)
  • How you can help your delegates market your event for you (23:50)


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