[294] How to quadruple your income in seven days with Jennifer Hamley

how to quadruple your income in seven days jennifer hamley

Earlier this year, luxury handbag designer, Jennifer Hamley, was ready to give up on her business.  But after attending one of my live events, she made a radical shift in her marketing strategy - and quadrupled her income. In this episode she shares how Facebook Live has transformed her business - in just seven days.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Jennifer Hamley’s business story (3:45)
  • How Jennifer changed her approach to Facebook and social media (5:50)
  • How Jennifer has used Instagram (11:02)
  • How to use email to engage with (and sell to) your customers (15:15)
  • How Jennifer has used live events to increase her sales (21:20)
  • How to host a live Facebook sale (26:32)
  • How Jennifer felt about the impact it would have on her branding (29:16)
  • The other opportunities that have come since Jennifer changed her approach to marketing (33:18)
  • Jennifer’s tips for business owners who are in a similar position to where she was (36:14)


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