Do you find it difficult to sell through social media?  You’re not alone.

In this episode, I explain how to use social media to start conversations about your product or service that will help you generate leads (plus how to convert those leads into sales).

[IMPORTANT NOTE] This episode is part of a week-long sales challenge (starting 10 September 2018). If you’re tuning in after this date – don’t worry! You can listen to the episodes as standalone content or work through the challenge at your own pace. Register for the challenge here.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to make the most of this sales challenge (0:33)
  • Introduction to Day Three of the challenge (4:28)
  • How to start conversations on social media (that will lead to sales) (5:35)
  • Why you should be creating behind-the-scenes content (10:22)
  • The most effective types of content for selling on social media (13:55)
  • How to use the free Facebook group to stay accountable during the challenge (17:17)


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