[434] How to set your prices (and why it’s an audience issue) with Sally Farrant

Do you struggle to price your services? Or maybe you live in dread of having THAT conversation about pricing?

Maybe you’ve discounted your prices just to win a client and ended up feeling REALLY resentful?  Or perhaps you’re wondering if you should put your prices on your website?

If any of that sounds familiar then you’ll love this podcast episode with pricing accountant Sally Farrant.

Sally shares practical tips about setting your prices and why being clear on your pricing upfront – can save you tons of time later on. And why you need to focus on the transformation you offer and not just the price.

Find out why offering fewer products makes it easier to create content and make sure you’re showing up for the right audience.

Discover what people really mean when they say they ‘can’t afford you’ And how to avoid falling in the trap of dropping your prices JUST to win a new client.

PLUS how to put your prices up with existing clients without it turning into an awkward conversation (and why you should put your prices up every year).

You’ll learn how to deal with with the nightmare of scope creep and why having package prices will help you avoid sticky situations with clients.

I’d love to know how you get on with this episode.


{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}


Podcast shownotes


  • About Sally Farrant and how she helps her clients (02:39)
  • How developing a niche has helped Sally stand out in her business (04:52)
  • How niching can help your business run more efficiently  (09:01)
  • The biggest challenges small business owners have about pricing (10:11)
  • Why you need to factor in everything you do into your pricing (11:52)
  • Why pricing is an audience issue and why free doesn’t get valued (12:46)
  • Why it’s dangerous to make assumptions when you’re pricing (13:43)
  • Why people have to see the value in something before they buy it (16:28)
  • Why you need to sell the results and the transformation (not just the price) (17:30)
  • Why you should avoid copycat pricing (18:52)
  • Why people need to understand your pricing (23:04)
  • What to do when people can’t afford you (and how to avoid discounting) (25:35)
  • Why you need to be clear on your pricing (28:52)
  • Why prices on your website will save you time and manage expectations (31:51)
  • How to price your packages (and why it’s not all about your hourly rate) (35:02)
  • How to deal with scope creep and ask for more budget (37:48)
  • Tips for renegotiating pricing if your scope changes (38:25)
  • Why you should put your prices up regularly (and how to do it) (39:03)
  • Why boundaries will help you manage scope creep  (42:25)
  • Why you should get people to pay upfront (43:35)
  • Why you need to plan ahead  in case things go wrong (47:28)
  • Why you need to create content about the value that you add (48:41)


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