[419] How to share client success stories (without looking like a show off)

Do you struggle promoting your business successes and telling everyone how great YOU are?

Perhaps you’d love to be one of those people that can tell everyone how amazing they are – but you don’t want to come across as an arrogant braggy show-off – so you just keep quiet and hope people will notice you?

If that sounds familiar then this podcast is for you. I explain why you must shout about your success and how to show potential clients how fabulous you are – without using contrived website testimonials.

Find out how to use your client success stories to showcase your highlight reel and why you need to think carefully about the problem you solve – before you rush off to pitch to a client.

I explain the steps you need to take to make sure you get a great testimonial from a client that has clarity and impact  – rather than just a load of meaningless wimpy words.

And how to make sure your testimonials show how brilliant you are – rather than just tell.

PLUS why testimonials aren’t just for potential clients or customers but why your current clients and customers need to hear how great you are too.


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Podcast shownotes

  • About my 2021 Sorted Annual Content Planning event & Social Media Diary and Planner (4:04)
  • About this podcast episode (10:10)
  • How to sell more by explaining how you help people (13:27)
  • Why your clients (and potential clients) need to hear how good you are (15:28)
  • What makes a great testimonial and why it’s not just words (17:39)
  • Why your transformation doesn’t have to be big (19:01)
  • How to use your stories to share your transformations (20:01)
  • Why you must think about the problem you solve for your clients (22:30)
  • Why your client success stories will make potential clients want to work with you (23:44)
  • Why original raw testimonials are better than fancy images (25:30)
  • Why you should get specific numbers from clients (26:35)
  • Why you should share testimonials with existing clients/customers (28:13)
  • Why it’s not just about the money when you write in a testimonial (30:40)
  • Why impact is really powerful when talking about transformations (31:15)
  • Why pictures of people using your product are really powerful (34:01)
  • Why you have to ask clients to promote your product or service (36:18)
  • How to use a case study as a testimonial (and why it’s valuable) (37:01)
  • How to get testimonials from your clients by asking them to share their knowledge (38:20)


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