How to take part in a mastermind

If you’re recently joined one of my mastermind groups – or are thinking of joining  – you may be wondering what actually happens in a mastermind.

With that in mind, here is a guide to how I run my mastermind sessions.

If you are new to concept of masterminds you may wish to start by reading what is a mastermind.

How long are the mastermind calls?

Calls are 90 mins.

What will happen on the mastermind call?

If it’s your very first call, I will ask you to introduce yourself to the rest of the group. Please keep this short and to-the-point e.g. ‘I’m Amanda and I run a coffee subscription service’.

At the beginning of each call we’ll spend a few minutes talking about theme of the call: money, audience, authority or visibility. I may set a very short task relating to the theme.

In each call, you will get 10 minutes in the hot seat to share a challenge you are currently facing in your business and take questions/get feedback from the rest of the group. The other participants will also get 10 minutes in the hot seat, during which time you will be able to ask questions and/or give feedback.

You may be surprised to find you learn just as much (if not more) from helping others solve their business problems than talking about your own. Hearing others talk about their business – and the strategies that have worked for them – will undoubtedly spark ideas you can use in your own business.

How can I make the best of the hot seat time?

The key to a successful mastermind hot seat is to listen more than you talk. So outline your challenge as succinctly as you can, then let the rest of the group ask questions/give feedback.

Your choice of topic is important too. The narrower the focus, the more likely you are to get high-quality feedback. So instead of asking something like ‘How do I build my email list?’ it’s much better to ask ‘How can I get more people to sign up for my email opt-in?’ or ‘What kind of opt-in should I create to attract x customer?’

During your hot seat, you may find you are asked questions that make you feel uncomfortable – perhaps because you don’t know the answer and/or because it highlights something you aren’t doing as well as you’d like to. This is perfectly normal. If you find yourself feeling defensive, remind yourself that challenge is an opportunity to grow.

How can I make the best of the time in between group calls?

After each call you will be invited to set three goals you will action before the next call and share them in our Facebook group. This will help you stay accountable.

In between calls, please make use of the Facebook group to discuss your business challenges with fellow mastermind members. You may also use the group to get feedback. For example, if you are working on a sales page or email marketing campaign, you may share content and ask for feedback. Just remember to make it easy for people to respond – so only share the information/images that are absolutely necessary (i.e. don’t ask people to wade through long pdfs/presentations/long videos) and be very specific about the response you need e.g. ‘Please can you tell me if you prefer the logo in blue or red’ or ‘Which headline resonates with you more: A or B?’

Mastermind Meet Ups

Attending live mastermind days is a great way to build relationships with fellow mastermind members. 

I run four ‘live’ masterminds in London over the course of the year. These are optional for members of my online mastermind groups but strongly advised.

What should I do if I have a question about the mastermind?

Email me on [email protected] or tag me or my assistant Jo Francis in our Facebook group. Mon – Fri 9-5pm we’ll aim to get back to you the same day. On weekends and evenings you may need to wait a little longer.