If you need to sell tickets for live events, email marketing is by far the most effective strategy. But what should you include in your marketing emails? What kind of subject headers should you use? And how often should your be emailing your list about your event?

In this episode, I share practical email marketing strategies for live events that you can use for any new product/service you’re launching.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Why you need to set realistic targets for your email marketing (3:40)
  • Reasons not to rely on social media for your ticket sales (4:20)
  • The seven types of engaging subject headers you can use for your emails (5:50)
  • Why you should stop worrying about being too ‘salesy’ in your email marketing (9:36)
  • How to test which subject headers work best for your audience (11:25)
  • Why everything in business/life is a content opportunity for your email marketing (12:37)
  • How you can learn from receiving other people’s newsletters (19:20)
  • The value of sending more emails than you feel comfortable with (20:58)
  • Why you’re not being a pest when you send marketing emails but helping prospective buyers make a decision (20:53)
  • Dealing with email haters (and why you shouldn’t worry) (22:25)


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