[350] How to use surveys to increase your online sales with Rob and Kennedy

Hypnotist Rob and mind reader Kennedy had successful stage careers before turning their attention to helping others build entertainment businesses through online courses/membership sites. 

When they started using surveys to find out what products/services their ideal clients wanted, they discovered something surprising. People were much more likely to buy their products/services if they were offered immediately after taking a survey.

They also learned that using surveys to segment their audience i.e. sorting them into groups according to what they needed help with – and offering different products/services to each group – could boost sales even further. 

Now surveys are an integral part of Rob and Kennedy’s marketing strategy. So much so they’ve developed an online tool called Response Suite that can help you use surveys to increase your sales.

In this episode they talk about how you can surveys to boost your online sales (even if you don’t have access to fancypants tools).

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Why use surveys in your marketing

Most companies are marketing to their prospective customers in the same way. You sign up to their email list, then they make you a series of offers – which means many of us just switch off.

Using surveys in your marketing, not only allows you to bring more variety into your marketing, it allows you to segment your audience, according to their preferences. Which means you can make sure you are promoting the right products/services to the right customer.

In a time when most of us are consuming information on-demand, segmenting your audience is vital says Kennedy. “Look at Netflix, look at Amazon Prime, look at all these different products. The way we consume information right now is on our schedule. I think of it like if one of those choose your own adventure stories…well that’s how all our marketing should be.”

“The minute you’ve got more than one person in your audience, you can no longer speak to everyone in the same way anymore, ” adds Rob. “When you’ve got more than one person on your [email] list, you now have vastly different people, with vastly different experiences, with vastly different pain points who need to be spoken to in different ways.”

Surveys also work on psychological level. When someone has just done you a favour (i.e. completed your short survey), they will feel a powerful need to follow through with what they’ve committed to, says Kennedy. Which is why they’re far more likely to buy from you.

To learn more about this Kennedy recommends reading Robert Cialdini’s book Influence.

How to use surveys in your marketing

A survey can be as simple as asking a question, where you give a choice of specific answers and use what you learn to direct your prospective customers towards particular products/services.

Using a survey building tool like Survey Monkey can make things easier. But even with a tool like this, responses generally need to be tracked and followed up manually, which can be time consuming.

This is exactly what led Rob and Kennedy to create Response Suite, which integrates with most email marketing software (e.g. Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Infusionsoft) and allows you to automate the process.

For example, you might create a three question survey that leads to three different products/services. Once someone has completed the survey, they are immediately directed to a landing page (a dedicated web page where the user can only take one single action) about a specific product/service that provides a solution to a problem they highlighted in their survey responses.

You don’t even necessarily need to have three different products/services. You might simply want to talk about your product/service in a different way and/or give a different message, depending on the needs of a particular group of people.

For example, my Build Your Audience programme is suitable for beginners (those who are just starting to build their online audience on social media) up to more advanced students who want to build their audience through email marketing.

Using surveys not only helps me understand where my prospective customers are in their journey. It also means I can create different landing pages, with a slightly different message, that resonate with prospective clients at different stages of that journey. And when people can say ‘this is for me!’ they’re far more likely to buy.

Tips for creating great surveys

  • Ask closed questions with a number of specific answers (maximum four)
  • Only ask questions that relate to products/services you actually offer
  • Don’t ask too many questions (3-5 really questions can be more than enough)
  • Be clear on why you’re doing the survey and your desired outcome
  • Create conversations – not dead ends 


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